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CD releases (scroll down for tracks featured in collective CD or DVD releases)

CD allegato al libro / in bundle with the book Polveri sonore. Una prospettiva ecosistemica della composizione
La Camera Verde, Roma (2014)
tracks included: Surface Impact Study 1 | Surface Impact Study 2 | Audible Ecosystemics n.2 (Feedback Study) | Audible Ecosystemics n.3 (Background Noise Study) | Audible Ecosystemics n.3a (Background Noise Study, in the vocal tract) | excerpts from the sound installation Untitled 2005 (Ecosystemic Sound Construction in Small Reverberant Space) | Kairos | Ikon
con la partecipazione di / featuring Matias Guerra (action painting), Orm Finnedhal & Institut für Neue Musik Friburg (percussioni), Andrea Young (vocal tract performer), Natalia Pchenitschnikova (vocal tract performer), Giampaolo Antongirolami (sax)

Ciro Longobardi (piano)
Agostino Di Scipio (computer, live electronics)
Stradivarius 33927 (issued 23.05.2012)

CD in bundle with the catalogue of the sound. self. other exhibition (Berlin, March-May 2011)
Galerie Mario Mazzoli (issued March 2011)
tracks included: Modes of Interference / 4 | Boylean Sound Objects | Portrait of Angela Tucker | Potrait of Grace Ryan | Condotte Pubbliche (Public Conducts).
featuring Gianni Trovalusci (performer in Condotte Pubbliche)

vianderecords 004 (issued December 2010)
Agostino Di Scipio (feedback instruments with recycled electronics and more)
Mario Gabola (alto saxophone, feedback instruments with recycled electronics)
tracks included: Setup1 | Setup2 | Setup3 | Setup4 | Setup5 | Setup6 | Setup7 | Setup8

HÖRBARE ÖKOSYSTEME. Live-elektronische Kompositionen 1993-2005
Edition-RZ 10015 (issued July 2005)
tracks included: Texture-Multiple | Craquelure (2 pezzi silenziosi, a Giuliano) | 5 interazioni cicliche alle differenze sensibili | Audible Ecosystemics n.1 (Impulse Response Study) | n.2a (Feedback Study) | n.2b (Feedback Study KlangInstallation) | n.3a (Background Noise Study) | n.3b (Background Noise Study im Vokaltrakt). Featuring Ensemble Mosaik, Quartetto Prometeo, Natalia Pschenitschnikova.

PAYSAGES HISTORIQUES. Musique Electroacoustique 1998-2005
CD Chrisopee Electronique vol.24, LCD 2781130
Paysages Historiques (Chrysopee Electronique vol.24) (issued September 2005)
tracks included: Rome. Cantor Set | Paris. La Robotique des Lumieres | Berlin. Bad Sampling | New York. Background Media Noise | Untitled (Sound Synthesis, October 2001) | eBss (the e-Book Sound Supplement)


participations in collective releases

Modes of Interference / 2
included in Pedro Bittencourt's ENLARGE YOUR SAX, Wergo WER 20742 |
see here

Memoria (Angela Tucker)
included in Le forme elettracustiche | Limen CDE13-C014

2 sound pieces with repertoire string music
included in SONIC SCREENS. LIVE AT O' | Synesthesia Recordings, SR 888174216270, 2013
with Èdua Zádory, violin; Ana Topalovic, cello; Matteo Milani, sound recording

Modes of Interference / 1
included in Marco Blaauw's BLU DOG | WER 20632 Wergo/Schott, ZKM Series | Marco Blaauw : trumpet |
see here
and included in ARTMIX & ELECTRONICS | ZKM productions, Neue Zeitschrift fur Musik (Schott) | Marco Blaauw : trumpet

Stanze Private (excerpts)
included in the CD in bundle with the ANLAGE art catalogue | GMM GMM (Galerie Mario Mazzoli) Berlin

Untitled (sound processing, October 2004)
included in the dvd MUSIC / SPACE, Capstone Records

Pulse Code (on wood) (three excerpts)
included in the CD Computer Music Journal Sound and Video Anthology, MIT Press | Roland Auzet : percussion

4 variazioni sul ritmo del vento
included in the SPRAY cd by Antonio Politano & PRIME Recorder ensemble | Et’cetera KTC 1909 | Antonio Politano, doublebass recorder flute; Alessandro Ratoci, sound recording (Conservatoire de Lausanne, Feb. 2008)
included in the BESTANDAUFNAHME cd by Elisabeth Haselberger & Petra Wurz | Cavalli Records CCD274 | Elisabeth Haselberger, doublebass Paetzold flute

Audible Ecosystemics n.2 (Feedback Study) (see also the monograph Cd HÖRBARE ÖKOSYSTEME)
included in FREE SOUND, ArsHarmonica-ICMC, Barcelona

Natura allo specchio
included in the CD Computer Music Journal Sound Anthology, MIT Press, | A.Tomassetti and F.Fuina on percussions
included in the CD First Iteration, BugRecords, Melbourne, BUG108 | stereo version
included in the DVD Recombinant Art - 12th root, RA01, Toronto (5-track version)

Fragments for "Tiresias" (co-author: Giuliano Mesa)
included in MUSIC / TEXT vol.2 | Capstone Records, CPS 8693

5 interazioni cicliche alle differenze sensibili (see also the monograph Cd HÖRBARE ÖKOSYSTEME)
included in the cd of the INTERNATIONAL COMPUTER MUSIC CONFERENCE, ICMA, Berlin/SanFrancisco, 2000 | Prometeo String Quartett
included in the cd MUSICA MAXIMALISTA, PanAroma, Sao Paulo | Prometeo String Quartett
included in the cd 40 ANNI NEL DUEMILA, CEMAT, Roma | live recording, Prometeo String Quartett

6 studi (dalla muta distesa delle cose…)
included in METAFONIE. 50 ANNI DI MUSICA ELETTROACUSTICA. Limen Milano, dvd01AV001 | Maria Grazia Bellocchio: piano (live recorded, Auditorium della Scuola Civica di Musica, 1999)

5 piccoli ritmi
included in the cd ELECTROACOUSTIC MUSIC VI | Neuma Records, Acton, Mass., Neuma450-93

Paesaggio scalare n.1 (Roma, Cantor set)
included in Michael Rusenberg's ROMA - A SOUNDSCAPE REMIX | NoteWork, Colonia, NW 5101-2

Studio 1997-98
included in the CD in bundle with the Proceedings of the 12th Colloquio di Informatica Musicale | AIMI/Università di Udine e Gorizia

Dissequentia (poetry reading and electronics)
included in the CD in bundle with the book POETRONICS 1997 | Itinerari Armonici, L'Aquila| Eva Martelli, reciter

Improvviso Polifonico Poetronico (poetry reading, electric guitar, and computer processing)
included in the CD in bundle with the book POETRONICS 1997 | Itinerari Armonici, L'Aquila | Eva Martelli, Mariano Baino, Mario Lunetta, reciters; Agostino Di Scipio, electric guitar

7 piccole variazioni sul freddo
included in the cd ARS ELECTRONICA 1995 | ORF, Linz/Wien, PAE95 | see here